Kee Mediation | Legal Aid in Derby for Family Mediation
Legal aid for Derby-based family mediation services. Our experience family mediators can assess whether you are eligible for legal aid. Visit us at our Derby location.
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Legal Aid for Family Mediation in Derby

Can you get Legal Aid for Family Mediation in Derby?

You may be eligible for legal aid for mediation in Derby if you are on a low income or you receive certain benefits and do not have a lot of savings or assets. Even if you own your own home with your partner or on your own, you may still be eligible.

This means the whole process would be entirely FREE for you; you may even be entitled to some free mediation if the other person qualifies for legal aid!

Our experienced and fully accredited family mediators in Derby can assess whether you are eligible for legal aid.

We offer legal aid in conjunction with Children 1st Mediation, Unit 3, 21 Phoenix St, Stonehouse, Plymouth PL1 3DN.

What you need to know about Legal Aid for Mediation in Derby.

couple sitting with legal aid mediator in Derby

How can I make use of legal aid for family mediation?

Mediation covered by legal aid can be used to help you sort out childcare plans or get help if your existing plans have broken down and you're not able to see your children. You can also use our mediation to manage disputes that have arisen after a family breakdown which may end up in court. If you need help sorting out financial arrangements after a separation or divorce, our mediation service can help.

mediation legal aid in Derby

What if I do not qualify for legal aid for mediation but the other person does?

If the other person qualifies for legal aid but you don't, the cost of your MIAM - the initial assessment meeting - will be free for you and the other person. Your first joint mediation session will also be free for you. After that, you will need to pay our usual private fees fees (see 'Costs' in the menu above).

A legal aid solictor to offer legal advice during mediation in Derby

If I get legal aid for mediation, can I also get free legal advice?

As part of the mediation process, you may find it helpful to get legal advice from a solicitor, since mediators are not able to give legal advice. If you qualify for mediation legal aid and have begun the joint mediation process, the Legal Agency will put you in touch with a solicitor who will offer some legal advice.

Couple receiving legal aid for mediation in Derby

What are my other options if I do not qualify for legal aid?

If you need resolve issues regarding a child, or family financial issues which also involve matters relating to a child you may qualify for help under the current government voucher scheme. At Kee Mediation we are signed up to this voucher scheme and have helped many families use a voucher of up to £500 towards mediation costs.

family in Nottingham helped by legal aid

Will legal aid pay for a lawyer to represent me in court?

Legal aid for a lawyer to represent you at court is now more limited and generally only available if you have experienced domestic abuse or if your child is at risk of abuse. You can find further information about this on the Government's website.

We provide legal aid in Derby in conjunction with Children 1st Mediation.

Are you ready to talk to us about legal aid for your mediation process?

Once you have established if you are eligible for legal aid, you can arrange to have mediation at our Derby location,  below. We also offer online mediation nationwide.


The Enterprise Centre, 20 Royal Scot Road, Pride Park, Derby DE24 8AJ.

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